Leaflets impositions

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Leaflets impositions for printing houses on press paper sheet or plate to offset or digital printing – on demand. Price per 1 hour work without VAT tax included.

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Note! Please order printing plates preparation, CIP3 files
to a selected prepress company or a selected printing house.
email: info(at)printpreparation.eu


– on press paper sheet or plate to offset or digital printing.

Price per 1 hour work without VAT tax included.

We set the hourly rate and the estimated number of working hours, depending with your needs. We define the terms of cooperation, preffered working time – days and hours of work, the date of commencement of cooperation, as well as the deadline of services.
You pay for the number of working hours.

Before you send the order, please write me an email: info(at)printpreparation.eu

1). For each job, please define separately the target parameters, in terms of printing technique:
– source publication colour space (CMYK, Spot colours),
– trimmed part size of source publication,
– bleed size of source publication,
– cutting die (included/not included),
– crease (included/not included),
– perforation (included/not included),
– varnish (included/not included),
– type of paper for printing (coated, uncoated),
– printing work style (single-sided, sheetwise – front and back, work and turn, work and tumble, perfecting),
– number of side (single-sided or double-sided),
– press sheet size,
– pieces number on press sheet,
– method of pieces layout (up, down),
– gaps’ (gutters) dimensions between parts, distance between pieces,
– printing plate size,
– gripper margin,
– gripper (from the edge of plate to the first horizontal crop mark),
– colour space of montage in PDF file for production (CMYK, Spot colours),
– marks parameters in PDF file for production (calibration bars, register marks, crop marks etc.),
– others.

2). Jobs for MONTAGE should be sent as PDF files prepared to print as a attachments (to the 10 MB) or link to download to the written orders via email: info(at)printpreparation.eu

3). Please provide data for the delivery of files and invoice information.

4). Please define job deadline.

5). It’s necessary that you include specifications of your printing house (e.g. a link to web page). If this condition is not fulfilled, I apply the general prepress rules. Please message me if you have an existing project in open files from Adobe software (PC) with all attachments (press quality pictures, logotypes, fonts etc.) and you want to send them for preparation of i.e. a new language version based on existing layout.

6). After that you specified the conditions, you pay for the order, i.e. by PayPal.

7). The order starts after:
a). payments receipt,
b). customer has sent all the materials, as well as defined the target parameters necessary to complete the job.

8). Due date of the order performance is approximate and it is determined by its complexity, as well as the time of delivery of both materials and parameters/information by customer.

9). Before approving the job, customer shall receive a preview file in order to check its correctness, in particular the contact details, and to verify the entire content of the job. After having done so, customer shall send a written approval to an e-mail.

10). Approval is necessary rule to send production file to customer.

11). No complaints regarding the content shall be considered after the approval of a job.

12). Customer receives the approved job in PDF file format (to be agreed), which is prepared to exposure or printing.

The attached photo is for preview.

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